The second version of HUB Camara Santo Domingo included in its program, a conference titled: "Eradicating World Poverty: One Loan at a Time", by the economist and entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and a figure greatly known in international economic field for being the creator of the microcredit concept. It also offered an agenda of interest for small, medium and large companies, with conferences such as "The ecosystem of electronic commerce in the Dominican Republic: present and future"; or "How to negotiate with the United States? Learn about business support tools for Small and Medium Businesses in the US Embassy ", among others.

This second version of the multi-sectorial trade exhibition maintained the Business to Business (B2B) format, with the novelty that on the last day of the activity (Saturday, March 18), the exhibitors made direct sales to final consumers. In this same sense, it integrated into its activity program the most important gastronomic fair in the country, TASTE Santo Domingo, which provided direct access to the food and beverages industry, enhancing its link with other sectors of equal or greater incidence in the national productive structure.


The first version of this multi-sectorial trade exhibition held in the Dominican Republic, covering the field of trade in all sectors. It had a robust agenda which included business conferences, talks, seminars, workshops, visits of commercial missions, night schedules (OKTOBERFEST), among others, that complemented the event. In the framework of this important commercial activity, the Luncheon – the Master Conference was held by Dr. Paul Krugman, 1st. Nobel Prize in Economics visiting the Dominican Republic. In addition, HUB Cámara Santo Domingo had as guest star invitee EUROCÁMARA, an organization constituted by the bilateral European Chambers of Commerce incorporated in the Dominican Republic, formed by 9 Chambers representing 16 European countries (Belgian-Luxemburgish, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Kingdom of Great Britain and Scandinavia-Baltic). In this same tenor, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Central American Isthmus (FECAMCO), structured by 9 Chambers of Commerce, representing 6 countries of Central America, were also in session.

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